Indian Ports Bill 2022 : Towards Privatization

The Union Government has recently come out with a 4th draft of the Indian Ports Bill, which seeks to replace the 1908 Indian Ports Act. Previous versions of the Bill have faced strong opposition from Coastal states, which have all raised issues around the strong powers given to the Union in the new drafts, resulting in a violation of the federal structure of governance. This comes in the backdrop of the Major Ports Authorities Act, 2021 being pushed through, repealing the Major Port Trusts Act, 1963.

Bank Loan Write-Offs: Serving the Corporates

Bank loan write-offs and bank frauds continue to mount at an unprecedented rate under the BJP regime in the last eight years. Public Sector Banks (PSBs) which were in good financial health till 2014, started hitting the floor since the start of the Modi regime. This is also the time when corporate defaulters were given the freedom to regularly flee from the country with unpaid debts amounting to millions of rupees. Rishi Agarwal was the latest prominent name who left the shores with a whopping debt of Rs. 24,000 Crore!

Start-Ups End Up in Shrinking the Workforce!

The dark side of Start-Up Unicorns has begun to raise its ugly head. Under the garb of 'restructuring', and ' realignment of operations', the Start-Ups have begun to fire or terminate contracts of employees as a 'cost cutting measure'. Indian start-ups have retrenched a little over 11,000 people in the last six months. Industry experts predict that the situation might get worsened soon when more than 60,000 employees are expected to be axed by the end of this year!

Countering the Fascist Assault: Role of the Legal Community

(At a discussion marking the first national conference of the All India Lawyers For Justice – AILAJ on 28th and 29th May, 2022 at Bengaluru, Advocate Mihir Desai known for three decades of work as a workers’ and human rights lawyer in Mumbai, delivered a lecture on the role of the legal community in countering the fascist assault. Below is the text of his lecture, somewhat edited for readers of Liberation.)

Remembering Rammohan Roy: The Rationalist Fighter for Modern India

As India observes the 250th birth anniversary of Rammohan Roy, one of the earliest and greatest campaigners for modern India, on May 22, 2022, we are faced with one of history’s cruel ironies. The incumbent regime is pushing 21st century India into revenge fuelled mass violence by distorting history and using the perceived wrongs committed by the Mughal dynasty that ruled India some three centuries ago.