Delhi, Uttarakhand, Karnataka State Conferences of CPI(ML) Conclude


The 12th State Conference of CPI(ML) Liberation Delhi-NCR was inaugurated by Polit Bureau member Ramji Rai on January 20th, at Surjeet Bhawan. Comrade Ramji said that this conference is being held at a time when the communal frenzy and hatred is being unleashed across the country in the name of the consecration ceremony in Ayodhya, which is backed by the Godi media, supported by troll army on social media, who are hate mongering and are the foot soldiers of the RSS.

“Lenin said that comrades must behave like true agents of the revolution. Professionalism in party building is the need of the hour to challenge the fascist majoritarian politics,” he added.

At the state conference, a report on party work was presented by the State Secretary Ravi Rai, which was followed by a detailed discussion on organisational activities and challenges. Since the 11th state conference held in December 2019, the CPIML played a big role in the pro-citizenship movement in Delhi and intervened during the Delhi riots in 2020, supported the farmers movement at the borders of Delhi and organised relief work during the covid lockdowns.

CPIML Delhi State Conference

The state conference elected a 25-member state committee (with four invitees to the state committee), with Comrade Ravi Rai being elected as the state secretary. In his concluding remarks, Comrade Ravi Rai called upon all comrades to take the party, people’s movement, and the organisations in Delhi-NCR to new heights.

The state conference was preceded by homage to martyrs and flag hoisting at the venue, and cultural programmes were organised during the conference.


The 3rd State Conference of CPI(ML) Liberation in Uttarakhand was held on 7th and 8th January, 2024, in Haldwani. The conference venue was dedicated to Com. Chandra Singh Gadhwali, the hall to Com. Deepak Bose and stage to Com. Maan Singh Pal and Com. KP Chandola.

After homage to martyrs and departed comrades at the Martyr’s Column, the opening session of the conference began with speeches by representatives of various left parties and people’s movements. In the inaugural session, Com Raja Bahuguna, Chairperson of Central Control Commission said that the Constitution promised us justice – social, economic and political. Yet people demanding justice are today being implicated in false cases and dumped in jails. After using farm laws and labour codes to deprive farmers and workers of their rights, the Modi government is now changing the entire set of criminal laws to turn India into a veritable police state. Every dissent and agitation against the government is now liable to be treated as an act of terror and subjected to brutal repression under draconian anti-terror laws.

Third Uttarakhand State Conference of CPIML Concludes in Haldwani.

Com. Rajiv Dimri, central committee member of CPI(ML) and central observer for conference, addressed the session and said that the Modi regime with the policies of lies, and ‘divide and rule’ is spreading the tentacles of communal-corporate fascism. We need build a concentrated people’s campaign to expose Modi Ke Jhoot (Lies of Modi government).

Comrade Sanjay Sharma, Politburo Member and Uttarakhand In charge from the CC, Rajendra Pratholi, Central Committee Member, AIPF National Convenor Girija Pathak, Vidhya Rajwar, Vijay Kumar and  Srikanth also addressed the conference and called for steadfast campaign to save the nation, it’s democracy and constitution from the Modi-BJP’s fascist assault.

The delegate session of the conference witnessed presentation of various reports and enthusiastic discussions. The conference elected a 19-member state committee with Com. Indresh Maikhuri as the state secretary.


The 2nd Karnataka State Conference of CPI(ML) Liberation was held over two days on December 9th and 10th, in Sindhanur taluk of Raichur district. As part of the conference, a ‘Karnataka Against Fascism’ rally and public convention was held with participation of over 2,000 people.

The ‘Karnataka Against Fascism’ rally and public convention was organized as an attempt to consolidate working class forces against the communal hatred being sown by the BJP-RSS, despite their electoral defeat and Congress staking claim of the government recently. The rally and public convention gave a call to the people of Karnataka to undo the damage caused by the BJP’s rule and to detoxify our society.

In the public convention, CPI(ML) Liberation General Secretary Comrade Dipankar congratulated the people of Karnataka for voting out BJP and said that the BJP-RSS has unleashed a fascist assault on the people of this country, which is corroding democracy, is anti-people and against Babasaheb Ambedkar's given constitution.

AIPWA National President Comrade Rati who addressed the gathering said that we must fight against the corporate, communal and casteist assault of the BJP-RSS. She said, “Women face the brunt of the Manusmriti that the Sangh Parivar propagates and wants to replace the Constitution of India with. Women, therefore, have to come together to lead the struggle for equality, democracy and fraternity”.

A 23-member state committee was elected with Comrade Clifton being re-elected as the State Secretary. The conference saw the participation of 160 delegates, observers and guests.

The conference gave a clarion call to build a strong party in Karnataka, which alone would be a fitting response to the fascist forces, especially since the country is headed towards the Lok Sabha elections in the coming year.

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